The Next Great Privacy Battle Will Be Fought Over Your Health Data

The Next Great Privacy Battle Will Be Fought Over Your Health Data

In an initial visit with a health care provider, new patients routinely sign a disclosure form — often without giving it much thought. This document allows for (among other things) doctors to share your medical records, including diagnosis and procedures performed, with your health insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Should you decide not to sign or disclose your health information, technically speaking, medical records cannot be shared with a third party, including your insurance carrier. At that point, any and all expenses incurred become your responsibility.

How to Bend Time to Your Wishes in the Pandemic

In his famous thought experiment, a 16-year-old Albert Einstein imagined what it would be like to travel as fast as a beam of light. If he rode alongside, traveling at light speed, he wrote, “I should observe such a beam of light as an electromagnetic field at rest.” For the observer, in this case Einstein, time itself would slow down. This, among other thoughts, would lead Einstein to theorize about how time is relative.

Lessons In Writing A Children’s Book

Since becoming parents, my wife and I read bedtime stories to our children. Seven years ago, rather than reading one, I shared a spontaneous story with our son. My main character, a house cat named Felix, raced outside finding a small bird which fell from a nest. Rather than chasing (killing or eating) the bird, Felix returned him to his nest. There were a few more details, those initial tellings were brief, my focus was putting him to sleep, not writing, let alone publishing a book.

The Controversial, Best-Selling Self-Help Book You’ve Never Heard Of

The Controversial, Best-Selling Self-Help Book You’ve Never Heard Of

From blogs to books, podcasts to talk shows, lectures to retreats, there’s no shortage of words written, speeches given, or sold-out venues for authors, speakers and gurus advising us how to improve our lives.

Once relegated to small, dusty corners of bookstores, self-help expanded to become a stand-alone, expansive industry, accounting for 11 Billion Dollars in revenue last year alone.


By special arrangement, award-winning children's Author Bashar Salame will debut his newest best-selling release: Let's Change That. If Animals Can, We Can, Too. during an exclusive Book Signing at THE WINTER EVENT on Friday, December 19th, and just in time for Christmas.

The Dearborn Divas

The Dearborn Divas courtesy of coach Ali A. Farhat all received signed copies of Let's Change That! at their trophy ceremony.

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Dearborn dad publishes children’s book

DEARBORN — A spur-of-the-moment bedtime story has turned into an illustrated and creative children’s book by Bashar Salame, a 36-year-old chiropractor.

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Dearborn father publishes children's book on acceptance

DEARBORN - Ferne Press announced last week that it has published a children’s book authored by a Dearborn father. The first-time author, Dr. Bashar Salame, 36, explores stereotypes and acceptance in "Let’s Change That! If Animals Can, We Can, Too."
"Teaching our children about acceptance of others is the greatest gift we can give them," Salame said in a statement.